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The Traditional Medicines and Health SupplementsProduct Working Group (TMHS PWG) is tasked to work on the following measures under the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint by 2015, namely:

  1. Implementation of harmonised technical requirements on product placements requirements, including safety, efficacy and stability guidelines and harmonised technical requirements on labeling requirements; 
  2. Creation of harmonised Good Manufacturing Practices requirements for traditional medicines and health supplements in ASEAN; 
  3. Development of an ASEAN Regulatory Framework on Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements; and
  4. Transposition of the ASEAN Regulatory Framework into national laws of ASEAN Member States by 2014. 

Members of the TMHS PWG include regulators from the health authorities in 10 ASEAN Member States and representatives from 2 trade associations representing the health supplement (AAHSA) and traditional medicine industry (AATMI), respectively. 

The current chairmanship is held by Singapore.

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