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  • Bioactive Food Components: Changing the Scientific Basis for Intake Recommendations (October 2011) This publication proposes a new framework for recommended intake, enabling the incorporation of aspects of basic, pre-clinical and clinical research. More
  • Ensuring micronutrient adequacy for vulnerable groups around the world: the role of food supplements (October 2011) This publication aims to promote better awareness of the potential role of food supplements in supporting a varied and balanced diet and to help improve the nutritional status of populations around the world. More


  • The Scientific Substantiation of Health Claims. A Global Analysis (October 2010) This report reviews recent developments and initiatives on the scientific substantiation of health claims around the world. More


  • The Updated Risk Assessment of Vitamin D (October 2009) This publication presents an updated risk assessment of vitamin D based on the most recently published human clinical trials. More


  • Nutrition, Health Ageing and Public Policy (April 2007) This review explores the factors that influence nutritional status in older people and describes the physical and cognitive changes that can lead to years of lost good health. More


  • The Risk Assessment and Safety of Bioactive Substances in Food Supplements (June 2006) To fill the needs of regulators and scientific bodies for quantitative safety assessment of bioactive substances, this report details risk assessments performed on a selection of bioactive substances in food. Also available in Japanese. More


  • The Scientific Substantiation of Health Claims (September 2005) This report examines the process for the scientific substantiation of health claims, taking account of both emerging and well-established, consensus science. More


  • Safety of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements (April 2004) This document uses scientific risk assessment procedures to identify the highest levels of supplemental vitamin and mineral intakes that could be confidently considered safe for long-term daily consumption by most people. More


  • Nutrition in Transition: the role of micronutrients (June 2002) This paper focuses on the economic and nutritional achievements of recent decades and highlights the major dietary and epidemiological transitions that are occurring now. More
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